The first ever personal CO2 scrubber

Help eliminate the concentration of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere by capturing and recycling CO2. Do your part to protect the environment with Undo Air!

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What does it do?

Undo is a household device used to remove the most potent greenhouse gas, CO2, from the atmosphere. Replaceable cartridges filter the air and separate clean, healthy air from CO2 greenhouse gasses.

Solar Powered

To prevent from being powered by dirty, carbon-based energy, Undo uses a solar panel system, running only when sunlight can charge the battery.

Carbon-Free Manufacturing

Undo Air is going through great lengths to ensure our manufacturing is carbon-free or as close to it as possible. We want nothing but carbon removed.

Connected App

Monitor your scrubber's progress with our connected app. Visualize your impact and explore our many other tools made possible by our scrubbers.

Join the Scrubber Network

Whether you're the first in the neighborhood to start scrubbing or the last, our Scrubber Network produces vital environmental health data and an ecosystem of environmentally conscious people.


How does it work?

Filters Our Air

CO2 is one of the most potent and plentiful greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. Removing this gas serves to combat and reduce climate change.

Space Technology

Undo uses technology similar to what is used on the International Space Station to keep its air carbon free.

Constantly Improving

Undo scrubbers are efficient as it is, but we're still working to make them better and better. Your scrubber will continue to improve as new generations of cartridges are released.

Device Monitoring

Your scrubber reports endless data to ensure that you are scrubbing at maximum efficiency and alerts you when the life of your current cartridge is running low.

Cartridge Recycling

All of our cartridges are 100% reusable. When the cartridge is fully spent, we'll send you a new one and recycle your old cartridge by extracting the captured CO2.

Scrubber Ecosystem

As more and more environmentally conscious people begin scrubbing through Undo, the more effect we will collectively have on the world. Just 2% of our target market could extract 5,000 tons of CO2 per month!

What's the current status?

Final Prototyping

Undo is in the final stages of prototyping. We have functional prototypes ready for CO2 scrubbing, but we need to start manufacturing. The design you see below is being rigorously tested and finalized. Once done, we will continue working with our manufacturing partner to make some tweaks and start production!

We are opening up pre-orders soon through our IndieGoGo campaign. This is the best way to support us and help make this technology a reality faster. You can be notified when we launch on IndieGoGo by signing up for our email list.

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What can you do right now?

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Our Feedback So Far

Wide adoption of Undo Air would be great for the world and I admire that you're working on an issue. A machine that can extract 5,000 grams of CO2 / month is fantastic.

Surbhi Sarna

Y Combinator Partner
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Product Types and Refill Cartridges

Refill Kit


Contains new CO2 scrubbing material and replaces your existing cartridge. Comes in sets of 1, 2 and 4.


CO2 Scrubber


Our flagship CO2 scrubber, complete with everything you need to get started cleaning our atmosphere!



Coming Soon!

Larger commercial units capable of filtering more CO2 with less cartridge replacements.

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